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·         Baby's Log

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Q:  What is Baby’s Log?


 A: Baby’s Log is a simple template used to record the daily care of a baby.  We offer the Toddler’s Log for those who may be using the potty.  

One page equals one day’s record!



Q:  Why use Baby’s Log?


A:  Use Baby’s Log to record the care of your child while he or she is in the safekeeping of another person.  This allows for easy knowledge

transfer and transition from caregiver to parent and vice versa.


A:  Use Baby’s Log yourself to keep track of your child’s daily care routine.  This allows you to examine patterns, changes and milestones over time.



Q:  Who uses Baby’s Log?


A:  A child care provider uses the Baby’s Log.   Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, the Nanny, the Babysitter, the Daycare Provider…..and more!



Q:  Is Baby’s Log free?


A:  YES!   Baby’s Log is free!   It’s a PDF document which can be downloaded onto your computer.



Q:  How do you use Baby’s Log?


A:  Baby’s Log can be kept via notebook, clipboard, drawer, bulletin board and more!   The child care provider or parent completes the log.



Q:  How did Baby’s Log come about?


A:  After the birth of my first child, I created Baby’s Log for our nanny to use.  Many nannies are asked to record the baby’s daily care and

events in a notebook.  Similarly, many daycare providers give a log sheet to parents at the end of the day. 


To make things easier for our nanny and to be certain specific information would be recorded, I created Baby’s Log, a simple log sheet for her to

complete each day. 


We used a corner countertop location in the kitchen to keep Baby’s Log (stored in a 3-ring binder) as well as a wall calendar and all emergency information.


When my husband and I came home from work, we reviewed Baby’s Log.  This was a quick way to “download” the day’s information and a great tool to

further discuss any issues with our nanny.  It worked so well that friends and family asked for copies…one after another, after another.


Finally, my husband said, “You should post it online and share it that way…it’s a lot easier than faxing it.”  He’s right!


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